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Uk DAS is a famous brand of business furniture in the world;it inherits the traditional features of professional finish,elegant appearance,precise structure and environmental protection from DAS family.It is simple but elegance,which isan effective tool particularly designed for the finance industry.

DAS为密集型金融交易室量身打造MULTI taskMULTI task SwingMULTI task08操控平台供宁选择。在充分考虑724小时特殊金融千赢游戏官网手机版登录环境、人体工学、专业散热金融交易系统、复杂电路管理系统、繁琐设备检修系统的前提下。高度关注于金融环境、室内设计、提供专业的解决方案,使交易员能专注于关键决策,最大可能的提升人、机工作效率。

DAS proudly presents MULTI task,Multi task fans and 08 with adustable height platform.They are customized for the intensive environment of financial dealing room which runs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.DAS successfully combined with a design with ergonomics,a professional cooling system,a direct accessed wiring system which provides a professional solution for the dealers who could focus on decision making and enhance their working efficiency.扬州金融交易台|扬州金融台|扬州交易台|扬州DAS金融交易台http://www.of365-yangzhou.cn/Info/Financial-furniture.htm



DAS dealing desk is easy for installation,with advanced wiring and power management system,it is suitable for any different working environment.The application of screen monitoring arm optimizes desktop space.